Learn All About Your Local Bee & Berry Farm in Northern Colorado

About Us

As a local farm, we love being open and honest with our customers about our products as well as who we are. If you’re curious to learn more about the story of St. Michael’s Farms, you’ve come to the right place! Learn all about our team, what makes us unique, and our products.

About Our Team

Established in 2020, St. Michael’s Farms was founded with one goal in mind – to cater to people like us who love growing things naturally! Michael and Christine started this journey as traditional backyard gardeners getting more ambitious every year. There’s something for everyone at our farm.

About Our Honey

Our farm is dedicated to growing many things, and of those includes the production of honey. Michael, a decade-long beekeeper who produced and sold honey locally for several years, added many more hives to his brood at the same time. At St. Michaels Farms, we offer local raw honey as well as many different types of infused honey. Our infused honey includes flavor adjuncts such as flowers, spices, and herbs, and makes for delicious additions to your favorite recipes.

About Our Berries

We specialize in delicious dried, fresh and frozen local berries at St. Michaels Farms. The berry farm was started with the intent of just growing elderberries and eventually, their ambitious nature encouraged the addition of Goji berries.

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