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Fresh Honey & Elderberry products From St. Michael's Farms in Fort Collins

Who We Are

St. Michael’s Farms was established in 2020 to serve those throughout Northern Colorado who love growing things naturally. At St. Michael’s Farms, we have a berry farm and a bee farm where we produce fresh, raw honey infused with local flavors as well as elderberries, Goji berries, raspberries, and more. We’ve also added rows of lavender and sunflowers to make our farm that much more beautiful. If you’re interested in purchasing our berries, honey,  for wholesale prices, contact us today to learn more about our partnerships.

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Partnerships & Wholesale Inquiries

Find us in these stores Lucky’s Markets, Hays Markets, Beavers Markets, The Tea and Spice Exchange, Welsh Rabbit, WellFedFarmSteads, VandaHouse-ATL

Find us in these restaurants; Cafe Vino, Littles on Mountain, The Fieldhouse @ the Fort, Old Elk, Chimney Park, Ginger & Bakers, The Lyric Cafe, Salt Road Beer